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WHat is pilates?

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Pilates targets your deep postural muscles, effectively building strength from within. The exercises encourage the body to work in its correct alignment where the muscles work most effectively. Its slow controlled approach means it gives long term results. With practice, Pilates can help reshape your body, improving posture and muscle tone and helping you achieve a good balance between strength and flexibility.

“If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” 
– Joseph H Pilates –


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Liz is a knowledgeable, caring and well organised teacher. She makes each session different, fun and just a little challenging. I always feel more flexible and alive after her Pilates class. Recommend very highly.

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I have been having Pilates classes with Liz for 11 years - initially attending group classes and for the last 5 years, one to one classes, laterally using Zoom. Liz is extremely professional and a fantastic teacher who explains the exercises patiently and clearly. She varies the lessons and keeps them interesting. The lessons have helped to aid my balance, keep me flexible and strengthen my muscles, particularly those of the upper body where, prior to attending Liz's classes, my intercostal muscles were prone to tearing. Liz has helped me so much by adapting her one to one lessons to increase bone loading for osteoporosis and recently by concentrating on a fractured shoulder to increase the movement far beyond that which was diagnosed as the maximum possible at the time of the injury. I find Liz's classes invaluable and highly recommend them.

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 I have been attending Liz's Pilates class for a number of years. Both the face to face classes and zoom classes are really enjoyable. I have certainly noticed a vast improvement in my core strength and back issues. Liz is excellent at differentiating her instructions and guidance for individual needs and is always able to come up with alternatives for those of us who have injuries or difficulties with specific areas. Her upbeat attitude and wide variety of exercises and equipment for matwork always make for lively and interesting classes. She has so much knowledge and experience through her teaching and previous career as an experienced nurse it definitely shows in her teaching style and the suggestions she makes in order for these classes to be beneficial and accessible for all. 

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