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I always knew that nursing was my vocation, living in Torpoint. I decided to join the Queen Alexander Royal Naval Nursing Service. Nursing took its toll physically, which left me with frequent back pain. I knew it was time to take care of myself.

My mum suggested Pilates to me. As an asthmatic, she had benefitted from the low impact exercise which focussed on breathing and helped to keep her flexible and active.

After my first Pilates session in 2004, I was hooked - my body had never felt better. This inspired me to become a Pilates teacher, I subsequently qualified with Body Control Pilates as a Matwork Teacher in 2009. Over the last 12 years, I have constantly sought to improve my knowledge and experience through  training and CPD. My passion for Pilates, is such that I need to share the experience.

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Training completed since 2009:

  • Pilates Intermediate Mat-work

  • Pilates with small equipment/Bands, Over balls, Triadballs, Toning circles and Foam rollers

  • Pilates for the Older person

  • Pilates for clients with Osteoporosis

  • Pilates for clients with Scoliosis

  • Pilates for Golfers

  • Backcare

  • Reformer and Chair

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